Artist Who Influenced Susan

Ward Schell workshop

Susan continues to grow artistically by organising and attending workshops in watercolours, acrylics and photography. Often on her travels she will come across a particularly interesting workshop. Some of the more recent workshops she has attended include:

  • Nicholas Pearce – March 2015 – Limited Palette
  • Suzanne Northcott – Nov 2014 – Working Big
  • Brian Buckrell – May 2014 – Fundamentals of En Plein Aire
  • David Langevin – April 2014 – Mastering Acrylics
  • Carey Anderson - October 2013 - Working Big
  • Maureen Walker - August 2013 - Painting on Silk
  • Mike Svob - April 2013 - Designing with Colour
  • Janice Robertson - February 2013 - Intermediate Acrylics
  • Donna Baspaly - October 2012 - Mixed Media
  • Mark Hobson - April 2012
  • Brian Buckrell - April 2011 & February 2012
  • 'Art is your Business' with Ruth Payne — Marketing for the visual arts at Hollyhock on Cortes Island, 2008.
  • Brian Simmons — Acrylic Workshop in Victoria, BC 2009
  • Roger 'Mzungu' Moore — Digital Photographic Workshop at TOSH in Qualicum Beach where Susan learned how to 'make' a photograph, 2008
  • Peggy Burksoky — west coast watercolours at TOSH in Qualicum Beach, 2008
  • Ann Falconer Packham — realistic floral watercolours, Fort Qu'Appelle SK. 2007
  • Ward Schell — several workshops on colour theory and application, Good Spirit Lake SK. 2006, 2007
  • Elje Diegenhart — Susan's first experience in abstract art and so much fun, Melville SK. 2006
  • Rolland Daum — acrylic workshop, where Susan learned to go beyond her comfort zone, Melville SK.
  • Bonnie Deis — a fun class in water media, Melville SK.
  • Susan Brooks — acrylic class that Susan attended in Hawaii — a wonderful experience — had to work fast as the paints dries quickly on the islands
  • Beth Gaffney — watercolour, Fort Qu'Appelle SK.
  • Myrna Gibbens — Susan's first introduction to watercolour — from that point she was hooked, Fort Qu'Appelle SK.

Susan says:

I love to organize artists' workshops. It gives me a chance to meet and greet artists, plus brings in those instructors from whom I am interested in learning. It gives everyone who attends a chance to share the same experience while learning something new. With any group of artists you are inspired by each other's creative energy.